Spice Youth Walkathon 2017

It’s about that time again. A time that we come together as a community to celebrate, socialize and most importantly raise funds for causes dear to us.

Youth & Healthcare

Everyday, at least one child in Grenada goes to school tummy empty, without the necessary school books and supplies. For us that is one too many.

We are determined to make a difference and we hope you will join us to support the cause.

No child should ever walk alone. It takes a community to raise a child.

On July 23 bring your family and friends to join us as we walk so that our children never have to feel like they are alone. Funds raised will help provide access to food, clothing, school and medical supplies for children and families who are walking alone.

For only $20 you can STEP UP for a child in need.

I’m ready – Are you?








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