Self Development Workshops

SYTCI Money Management Seminar Pt 1

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste” 

At SYTCI we believe that the development of our youth is the key to empowering them to become fully contributing members of society.

Our workshops are aimed at youth, newcomers and young adults, 15 – 35, primarily of Grenadian or Caribbean heritage but are open to the general public. Offered free of charge, these services focus on the following areas.

Money Matters

Our money management series aims to provide youth with information geared towards assisting them with making smart and informed choices about money. Built on the principle of ‘If you manage the pennies, the dollars will manage themselves‘, these workshops cover areas such as tax planning, personal budgeting, saving, investing, understanding the credit system among others. Our workshops are facilitated by industry professionals who provide current tips, resources and information while offering participants the opportunity to ask questions addressing specific areas of concern.

Sexual Health

This interactive series of workshops focus on opening the discussion relating to sex, sexuality and relationships. An 18+ event, these workshops are designed to challenge participants to be honest and open about their sexuality. Sexuality and sexual health are topics that are often regarded as taboo or hands off, an attitude that has proved detrimental for many of our youth who end up in situations due to lack of adequate knowledge. At SYTCI, our mandate provides for the creation of a space where youth can gather to express their opinions and to provide resources for education.

Workshops look at how factors like gender, sexual orientation, peer culture, and the social determinants of health affect our decisions around sexual activities. Our workshops are facilitated by trained peer-educators who create fun, engaging and participatory learning environments.


This series of workshops are not your regular run-of-the mill immigration workshop with maps and other information on Canada. Rather these workshops take a different look at the concept of ‘immigration‘ focusing not on barriers as is typical, but rather on telling the story of the ‘migrant experience‘ from a personal point of view. This workshop series was designed on the premise that migrant experiences are similar regardless of race, creed or class and that through sharing stories and celebrating small triumphs we connect to learn, draw inspiration and form support systems.

Participants are encouraged to speak frankly about their transition into Canadian living; the challenges and the rewards. Exploring first the initial culture shock and then the other obstacles encountered and finally, the skills gained from having overcame these obstacles. Traditional resources on community, settlement and newcomer services are also made available.

Professional Development

This series of workshops are aimed at preparing youth for the workforce and/or career development. Topics range from identifying your brand, networking skills, Self Marketing to communications, social media, workplace attire and effective resume writing among others. Facilitated by industry professionals and chock full of personal inspirational stories, these workshops provide youth with the necessary resources, supports and skills to successfully navigate the path to employment and career development.

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