(2011) Spice Youth Toronto Granted Non-Profit Status


Spice Youth Toronto Granted Non-Profit Status
July 16, 2011 (Toronto, Ontario) – Spice Youth Toronto (SYT) has officially been granted non-profit incorporated status. Along with the new status SYT will now be known as Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative (SYTCI).
President, SYTCI, Trisha Mitchell: “The formalization of this organization is the realization of a dream and a vision and a necessary step in the process of fulfilling our mandate to serve both youth and community; as is reflected in the name chosen Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative (SYTCI). This also begins a new and exciting chapter in the life of the organization as it will allow us to truly broaden our horizons and reach further to access the resources necessary to fulfill our mandate.”
Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative was formed in 2010 and has been growing in reputation and impact ever since.
SYTCI aims to create an integrated and sustainable network of youth of Grenadian heritage in the city of Toronto. Programs and services offered by SYTCI include: professional and personal development workshops and seminars, youth forums, recreational and social events, access to resource guides and advice on numerous topics.
Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative is also committed to the promotion of Grenadian culture in Toronto especially among youth and young adults. This is achieved by the hosting of culture nights, and the creation of opportunities for the sharing of Grenada’s rich and diverse culture and history.
SYTCI is a community youth-led organization that values collaboration with other entities that support or share its mandate. The organization also wishes to extend its deep gratitude to the individuals and community partners who have nurtured it and have contributed to its success during its first year of operation.
For more information on SYTCI visit its website (https://spiceyouthtoronto.wordpress.com).

3 thoughts on “(2011) Spice Youth Toronto Granted Non-Profit Status

  1. Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative

    Congratulations on the receipt of your Non_Profit status. It is my hope that you will grow as an organization and address the issues that face us and inspire and motivate our youth to reach their full potential in this society. Grenadians have been known to make their mark and “bloom where we are planted”.

    Take care
    Jean Augustine, Canada’s Fairness Commissioner

    Jenny Gumbs, Consul General Canada

    Congratulations!! Keep up the excellent works.
    In solidarity, Gordon Winter
    Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations

    Congratulations on being granted Not for Profit Status as the newly named Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative. Your organization will serve our community well.

    Laura Henry, Past President GAT

    Blessings for today. Ritchimagequality

    This is wonderful news! I am so proud of you all for taking this necessary step.
    Congratulations to you all. Continue to lead by example and set yourself apart.

    Arlene Taylor

    Great news. Best Regards

    Well congratulations…..you are on your way to great things!
    Paula Green, Advisor SYTCI

    I wish to congratulate you on this significant achievement. Continue your great work.

    Cheers, Paul Rose, Chairman DCC (Toronto)

    Congratulations and the very best in all your future endeavours.
    Dunstan G Phillip, BTSG

    Great Job guys and congrats on reaching this new level of achievement. we all anticipate all the bigger and better things that are in store. You have the support of many, so keep doing what you do, SYTCI is an inspiration. Cheers!!!


    Congratulations Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative (SYTCI), Continued Success.

    Louise Noel-Ambrose

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